Leaked Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Has Skull Masks, EDM, and…a Horse Mask?

What the f…

Tomorrow (or rather, in a couple of hours, depending on when you read this), Ubisoft will finally be showing off Watch Dogs 2, the sequel to their 2014 open world action hacking game. They haven’t been doing a good job of keeping it secret–like, at all, so it stands to reason that this trend would continue even with little time left for the reveal. Case in point, this ad that’s apparently showing up before Twitch streams, according to multiple tweets.

At first, the trailer doesn’t show anything that we don’t already know. You’re going to be playing someone who’s not Aiden Pearce in San Francisco, lots of EDM, looks more or less like the first game. Then it gets weird. Dudes hijacking ads, knocking out power all over the city–IS THAT A FREAKING DRONE?! And then there’s dudes in skull masks, some crazy motorcycle action, and…is that girl wearing a horse mask?

So…yeah, looks like the full reveal of Watch Dogs 2 is gonna be something, huh?

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