League of Legends: Soul Stealer Vayne Splash Art Revealed

Last week, we got the first look at a new Soul Stealer Vayne skin heading to League of Legends, and now the full splash art has hit the PBE. You can check it out below, courtesy of Surrender @20.

Vayne will be joining Vladimir in the green, glowy Soul Stealer club. Her recall animation has her firing three soul-infused bolts into the ground, then teleporting away after they fly into her floating demon crossbow. You can watch that fun play out in the reveal video below.

PBE Preview: Soul Stealer Vayne

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According to Riot KateyKhaos, this skin will be a loot-exclusive, meaning it’s only available as a rare shard Hextech Chest drop or by crafting it from 10 gemstones. To get an idea of how long that can take, here’s a video of one player opening up $500 worth of Chests to get the loot-exclusive Hextech Annie skin.

Will you be splurging for a chance to get Soul Stealer Vayne? Let us know in the comments below, and for more League of Legends, check out the stories below.

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