League of Legends: Dark Star Thresh Splash Art, Price Revealed

Heads up, Thresh has a new Dark Star skin joining League of Legends, and it’s 80% more evil. Because stealing wife souls wasn’t dark enough.

The new skin will be of the legendary tier, sporting a special voice and an 1820RP price tag. Dark Star Thresh also comes with new ability animations, complete with magic shadows, dark portals, and ground hands.

The full reveal comes right on the heels of yesterday’s teaser, a short but aptly sinister video of Thresh pulling you into oblivion. You can check it out below.

“Can you feel it? Your future, torn away. There is no escape, only oblivion.”

In other news, Riot announced that Solo Queue will not be returning to the Rift, and detailed a number of new Dynamic Queue improvements that will hopefully iron out the system’s remaining wrinkles.

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