Hideo Kojima Shows Off Early Designs of Ludens Drawn by Yoji Shinkawa

Just yesterday, Hideo Kojima unveiled the face of Ludens, the mascot for his new studio, Kojima Productions. Turns out Ludens wasn’t some cybernetic robot that most people were expecting. On the contrary, his mascot was actually a human man standing in a giant cybernetic suit of armor, giving off a futuristic vibe mixed with some medieval elements.

Kojima also took to Twitter today to show off some of the early designs he had for Ludens, and these drawings were done by none other than Yoji Shinkawa, who was in charge of the beautiful art and character designs of the Metal Gear Solid games.

According to Kojima, he wanted the mascot to have a visor within a helmet, reminiscent of the middle ages. You can check out the final design of Ludens below.

Ludens Kojima Productions

Overall, the mascot of Kojima Productions looks pretty sweet. It’s unlikely that Ludens will be an actual character in Kojima’s upcoming triple-A action game, but it’s still nice to get a look at all the effort and hard work that went into designing this studio mascot.

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