Here’s That Watch Dogs 2 Video With Full House Music, You Knew This Would Happen

In a totally unexpected internet joke, that recent Watch Dogs 2 Twitter video got the Full House treatment. You know, because Golden Gate Bridge.

One might not think illegal hacking, Silicon Valley angst, and horse heads very fitting of a classic sitcom. This video begs to differ.

Watch Dogs 2 finally got announced yesterday following leak after leak after leak. The sequel is set to revolve around Marcus Holloway and his team of hacker buddies as they do anti-Big Brother things in San Francisco. Other details are sparse, but according to the PlayStation blog, Watch Dogs 2 will feature more hacking freedom, a dense open world, and a much more dynamic protagonist.

We’ll no doubt see more of Ubisoft’s hacker sequel at E3, so stay tuned for details. In the meantime, let us know how you feel about _Watch_Dogs_2_ in the comments below!

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