God of War 4’s Son Is So Important that You Can Interact With Him at Any Point of the Game

God of War

A God and his boy.

Last night saw the announcement of God of War 4, which in and of itself wasn’t entirely a surprise. What got people shocked was a bearded and much more mellow Kratos, plus a little boy who turns out to be his son. The boy, currently unnamed, will be a constant part of the game. In fact, the game will have a button specifically and only for the kid.

According to Kotaku during a private demo, the relationship between Kratos and the boy will be the central to the game. Kratos’ son will help the former Spartan navigate the world and during battle; in the demo from last night, he was able to shoot arrows at the giant troll that the two come across near the end. The button (it hasn’t been said which yet), will summon him based on context; he’ll assist you in battle, but it hasn’t been said what else he’ll do outside of that. Maybe some more deer hunting?

God of War 4 comes to the PS4 next year.

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