E3 2016: The 5 Biggest Takeaways From Our Hands-On Time With Tekken 7

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What’s the Story?

Tekken 7 kazuya vs heiachi

Tekken 7 will be the final chapter in the Mishima Family Bloodline Saga. For those of you who have absolutely no idea what that is, the saga followed Heihachi (one of the series’ main characters) and his family as they dealt with the Tekken Tournament, the Devil Gene, family conflict, and pretty much all out war with other fighters and companies. The tale follows the evil of the Mishima family and attempts at redemption, so it will be interesting to see how Bandai Namco plans on closing the whole thing out.

Something that may pique your interest is that the story will be played out before, during, and after fights. Cutscenes will lead right into the action that fans have come to know and love. Characters will talk and and change scenes mid-battle adding a much more dynamic experience. The developers are taking the story very seriously and it shines through in every fight.

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