10 E3 2016 Predictions Because We’re Psychic and You’re Not

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New Hardware

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The rumors have been swirling for a good few weeks now about the possibility of much more powerful versions of the PS4 and Xbox One. While Sony is looking at releasing a more powerful version of the PS4, codenamed Neo, Microsoft is rumored to be bringing a much smaller version of the Xbox One this year, and a version four times more powerful in 2017.

With both companies looking set to release a new iteration of their current systems, the rumors have a bit more weight to them. While this announcement may divide fans, E3 would certainly be the time to show off just how much more powerful these new systems could be. It’s not just Microsoft and Sony who could be revealing details on upcoming hardware. With Zelda as a key focus for Nintendo at this year’s E3, more details on the NX may be revealed with the title due to release on it next year.

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