Destiny’s Rise of Iron Expansion is All But Confirmed

Iron Banner PVE content perhaps?

A couple of weeks ago, a Destiny-related expansion was leaked on Reddit, and it was called the Rise of Iron. No one knew what this was, and Bungie wasn’t giving any details about it. However, more details have emerged today, suggesting that this leak is legitimate, and the next Destiny content expansion will indeed be called Rise of Iron.

First up, Bungie has already filed a trademark for ‘Rise of Iron.’ This trademark filing was apparently done one May 31. Secondly, YouTuber Gothalion also managed to snap a screenshot of the Google results you get when you search up ‘Rise of Iron.’ As you can see from the screenshot below, there are already Google ads promoting the new expansion.

Bungie has mentioned that they’ll be hosting a livestream on Thursday, June 9, to talk more about the future of Destiny and its updates. It’s highly likely that they will be officially unveiling Rise of Iron then. Here’s hoping for more PVE content for the Destiny player base.

Thanks, Game Informer.

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