Dead Rising 4’s Box Art Has a Happy Frank, a Camera, and a Lotta Zombies

Tis season for a beatin’…of the undead.

Dead Rising 4 was announced at E3 earlier today after a series of leaks that had it all but confirmed. Still, that did nothing to ruin the excitement of fans who wanted some more cartoonishly violent zombie killing action, something that the box art oh, so perfectly reflects. Our classic hero Frank West returns to the driver’s seat, wielding his trusty barbed wire baseball bat, his camera, and a cocky grin as zombies surround him. Oh, and there’s fire.


The fourth game in the series takes place once again in Willamette, Colorado during the holidays. If you thought that festive cheer would deter the zombie horde, well then you don’t know about their terrible sense of timing. Once again, players take control of war journalist Frank West as they take over the Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall and town. Survival is once again the name of the game, and this time, weapons will reflect the spirit of the season. Like a robot suit!

Dead Rising 4 hits the PC and Xbox One this holiday season.

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