Dead by Daylight: How to Play With Friends

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Survive together or die together.

More often than not, your wits and cunning aren’t going to be enough to evade the killers, turn on the generators, and escape from the nightmare that is Dead by Daylight. Clever allies that you can depend on are vital to your survival, however the game doesn’t exactly make it easy to play with friends. As it currently stands, Dead by Daylight does not allow players to queue for matchmaking in a pre-made party, but the developers, Behavior Interactive, have stated in a recent Steam Community post that they’re working on releasing a game mode which will make this possible as quickly as they can.

Despite the lack of a party-enabled ranked mode, there are other options that do allow you to play with your friends. The first option comes in the form of the “Kill Your Friends Mode” wherein 2-5 friends are able to gather together in a lobby and enter a match among only themselves. This mode does lack certain features from Normal Mode and is seen more as a “simpler version of Ranked Gameplay.” The absent features include: online matchmaking, the Bloodweb, and the inability to accumulate Bloodpoints for progression. However, customization is still possible in this mode with your full inventory accessible.

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The other option for playing with friends is rather difficult to pull off. If you and a friend queue for matchmaking at the same time it is possible to end up in the same game. Just be sure to check the players before initiating the match. This strategy may take a few times to get working, but quite a few players have found success with it while they wait for Behavior to release the official party ranked mode.

Unfortunately playing with friends isn’t as easy as we’d like it to be, but at least the devs are receiving feedback and are actively attempting to fix the issues players have found. Hopefully we won’t be waiting too long.

How much are you guys looking forward to playing with friends? Leave a comment and let us know!

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