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ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Breed and Hatch Eggs

ARK: Survival Evolved how to tame dinosaurs and animals


ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Breed and Hatch Eggs

Breeding creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved can be a much easier way to make new friends, but it also requires time and concentration. To hatch an egg, you’ll have to personally incubate it, being careful to keep it the perfect temperature for the proper amount of time.

First off, if you need eggs, set a male and female of the same species near each other and set them both to Wander. They’ll eventually get mating, and after the Mating bar depletes an egg will drop. Your creatures will need to rest a bit before they are able to mate again.

Now that you have your egg, it’s time to start hatching. An egg health bar will show above it, and hovering over it will tell you what temperature change is needed. To heat an egg up, get some fire near it. To cool it down, either dip it in water or set up air conditioning. Keeping the egg at the proper temperature will eventually hatch it. How long this takes will vary based on the species, larger creatures usually taking longer to hatch.

You can also store your egg in a refrigerator, which will help keep it alive longer until you’re able to start incubating.

Once born, make sure to feed the baby until it reaches 10% maturity, when it will be able to feed itself. And there you go, you’re now the proud owner of a baby monster.


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