Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice Will See Apollo and Phoenix Face Off in Court

Also, Blackquill appears as an assistant.

Apollo Justice and Phoenix Wright had a pretty epic courtroom battle in Dual Destinies, but it looks like they’ll be at it again in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. According to some new screenshots and details released by Capcom, via Gematsu, these two lawyers will clash over in the latter half of the story. Simon Blackquill, who first appeared as the main prosecutor in Dual Destinies, also makes an appearance here.

“The first protagonist showdown since the start of Ace Attorney. Apollo Justice and Phoenix Wright face off concerning a certain case. Apollo and Phoenix’s claims will clash regarding a “certain thing” that acts as important evidence to the case. How will Phoenix, who is both Apollo’s mentor and boss, face against him? And how will things go down at the office?”

And below are the details of Blackquill’s involvement in Spirit of Justice.

“Prosecutor Blackquill, who appeared in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, appears as a witness to the incident. As he happened to be present at the scene of the crime, he takes the witness stand. However, he doesn’t only take the witness stand—he also appears to be in the passenger seat of the defense! Why is he supporting the defense, but not the prosecution?

Given that he once served as a prosecutor despite being imprisoned on murder charges, Simon Blackquill is known as the “Distortion of the Legal Profession.” In this game, Simon is an free man, without the handcuffs that confined him in the previous game, and for some reason decides to take the stand in the lawyer’s partner seat.”


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice will be released for the 3DS on June 9 in Japan. The game will be available digitally in North America some time this September.

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