Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: 3 Time Trial Tips for Getting Record Speed

Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Faith

Gotta go fast!

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a fairly difficult game, as one wrong step can send you plummeting to the cold streets below. One of the most challenging aspects has to be the variety of time trial runs scattered throughout the City of Glass. Each one is a unique race that will require players to reach the end point in the fastest time possible. Doing so will reward players up to three stars and a place on the global leaderboards. Getting three stars is no walk in the park, as the time constraints for some of these runs are extremely brutal.

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While it is possible to get three stars on every single run, achieving such a feat will probably take quite a bit of practice. That being said, here are our tips to speed up the process and make you the best free runner in the entire city.

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