FIFA 17 Will Have Smarter Players, More Techniques, and Overhauled Physics

It’s in the game.

Announced at the EA Play conference, Fifa 17 will feature a completely new style of play, outlined by the Vancouver team.

First of all, physical play will be completely overhauled. The physics engine is being adapted for Frostbite, allowing for more options on the pitch, and an enhanced soccer experience.

Second, there will be new intelligence systems that make the player smarter, and allow for a lot more options in front of goal. This will mean more attacking and defensive techniques available to players.

They are also completely re-writing the set-piece system, so that free-kicks, corners, and penalties will be fine-tuned so that players can make the most of critical points in the 90-minute match.

FIFA 17 is being heralded by four ambassadors, some of the best football players across the globe, including Anthony Martial of Manchester United, James Rodrigues from Real Madrid, Eden Hazard of Chelsea, and Marco Reus of Borussia Dortmund. It’s clear to see we’re in safe hands. With the innovative new ‘Journey’ story mode and managers rendered in-game, it’s obvious FIFA is being revamped this year.

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