What’s New in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine? Everything You Need to Know

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blood and wine

Being The Witcher 3’s final and largest expansion, CD Projekt Red went all out in creating a stunning new locale for Geralt to explore in Blood and Wine. Players will travel to Toussaint, a land seemingly ripped right from the pages of fairy tales, full of color and unparalleled splendor. The beautiful vistas, along with the kind people who inhabit them, will serve as the backdrop for a dark story with twists and turns that await players at every corner.

Toussaint is more than just a location for a story, though. With its unique culture and interesting lore, players will experience Blood and Wine a bit differently than what they’re used to. Side quests, enemies, contracts, and the world itself is molded around the lives of the people of Toussaint. Geralt will be able to place himself into the very center of every aspect, helping to make this country just as engaging as Velen, Novigrad, or the Skellige Isles. 

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