This Balloon Art of Overwatch’s Tracer Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

Overwatch has been an astounding success for Blizzard, with heaps of fan-art and cosplay coming so soon after the games release. Every good thing has it’s drawbacks though, and Blizzard are currently trying to crack down on the existence of Overwatch porn. Honestly, they should be considering other damaging depictions of Tracer, like the one featured below.


There’s something about the warped body here that’s bound to keep you up at night, and tarnish your view of Overwatch’s most beloved English rose. I understand that it would look pretty cool at a convention, but the trade-off for the amount of nightmares it’s going to induce probably isn’t worth it. Could make for a cool skin though.

Unfortunately, it’s not the first time we’ve had Video Game characters turned into squeaky demons by balloon artists, who seem to revel in making these absolute monstrosities.

Here’s Snake, who, if this guy had his way, would be squeaking his way through Shadow Moses. Pip Boy has also had the nefarious treatment, and looks a lot less cute than his digital counterpart.


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