The League of Legends Community Missed Its One Chance to Get Rid of Teemo Forever

League of Legends Teemo


Yesterday, the League of Legends Facebook page handed out a once in a lifetime opportunity, the chance to remove Teemo, mushroom demon and local pain in the ass, from the game forever. And what did we do? We said no, let the scourge stay.

“Seven years ago, Riot Games unleashed Teemo on the world,” Riot said, making their terms clear: “Today, the community has a chance to right this wrong: If nobody likes this post, we will delete Teemo from League of Legends forever.”

So here’s how that went.

League of Legends Teemo Likes

League of Legends delete teemo

Congratulations, we did it? We ruined it? Either way, here’s to seven more years of tiny, Yordle mayhem.

In other news, Riot recently teased a new champion headed to the Rift with a lore short story. Taliyah, a stone weaver from Shurima, meets with Yasuo and learns how to control her earthbending powers. You can check out her full story here, and our TL;DR lore version over here.

Need even more League fun? Check out Riot’s Riftwalk exhibit from PAX East 2016, and this awesome collection of LoL cosplay.

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