Overwatch Fans, Take a Look at the Most Incredible D.Va Play of the Game


Now that’s how you get a play of the game.

Overwatch is out in the wild, and players are racking up some impressive feats. Every match has a play of the game, focusing on the player that had the most standout moment, and boy are there some crazy ones starting to come out. This clip uploaded by Twitter user themissmae, shows an absolutely incredible play of the game by a player named L3G1ON using the hero D.Va.

D.Va’s ultimate allows her to use here mech suit as a bomb, shoving it forward toward enemies. The clip has someone playing as D.Va using her boost ability to fly through the air and then shoving the mech suit all the way over some buildings to the other side of the map and taking out four enemies in the process. The other team probably never even saw it coming. Check out the ridiculous clip down below.

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