Star Wars Battlefront Didn’t Have a Campaign Because of The Force Awakens

Disappointed, but not surprised.

When Star Wars Battlefront came out last year, there was a lot of anger over the lack of a single player campaign. While it’s not new for games these days to charge $60 for a strictly multiplayer experience (here’s looking at you, Evolve), Battlefront had a history of a pretty good story mode in the second game back in 2004. As it turns out, the reason there was no single player was because of The Force Awakens movie.

During the EA Investor Day briefing, studio boss Patrick Soderlund said that the lack of single player was a “conscious omission” that they made because of time. DICE had to release the game side by side with the film to get the “strongest possible impact”. Thankfully, they’ve learned from their mistakes on that front, as Star Wars Battlefront 2 (the new one, not the old one) will more than likely have a single player campaign when it releases next year. Maybe it’ll take place during the New Trilogy?

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