Rocksmith 2014 Gets New Tracks from Reel Big Fish, Filter, and More

rocksmith 2014

Ready to rock ‘n’ roll?

Rocksmith 2014 was highly praised upon release for actually teaching players how to rock out on a real guitar. Unlike Guitar Hero, Rocksmith 2014 will actually teach you how to play your favourite tunes for real.

Ubisoft has kept the game fresh by consistently updating and expanding its song library so there’s always new songs for you to learn. Earlier this month, new tracks from the likes of Rise Against and Chevelle were added, and now can get new tracks from the likes of Reel Big Fish, Filter, and Everclear.

As The Xbox Hub reports, the new song pack is a must for fans of Metal, Grunge, and Ska. The songs can be downloaded individually, or as a pack at a slightly lower cost. What new songs would you like to see added to the setlist in future updates?

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