Professional Soccer Team Signs Competitive FIFA Player as First Esports Member

West Ham

A very different kind of football player is joining the ranks of West Ham.

West Ham United, for the uninitiated, are an English soccer team who typically dabble in, well, soccer. Today, however, they are breaking boundaries as the first premiership football (aka soccer) club to sign on an official esports player.

Sean “Dragonn” Allen has joined West Ham as their sole esports player, and the team even awarded him with the squad number of 50 to officiate the signing, as seen above.

Allen is 24 years old and regularly streams FIFA on his popular Twitch channel, while also playing competitively in tournaments.

In a statement on West Ham’s website, Allen explains that “this is a massive move forward for me. I have been playing competitive FIFA for a very long time and this is the biggest thing ever to happen to me. West Ham has had an astonishing season in the Premier League with Europe looking very likely for next season. I will be doing my very best in FIFA tournaments all around the world to emulate their success.”

The team’s manager also says he is “delighted” to have brought Allen on, and hopes he can “represent the club with pride across the globe.”

Allen’s first play as a newly ordained representative of the club begins tomorrow, where he is set to compete in the Play Like A Legend Grand Final in Fulham, UK.


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