Overwatch’s Life Size Figures Warn You About Dying in the Game and Real Life

Overwatch, all heroes

Don’t die, mate.

Around the world, Overwatch characters are appearing as giant, hulking (and totally picture-worthy) figures. Thus far, Tracer and Genji have popped up in Hollywood and Paris, respectively. No other characters have popped up (if they have, let us know!), and people are definitely freaking out. But here’s something that people may not know: the figures have messages on the back of the box. Courtesy of Imgur….

While it is impossible to choke on these figures (seriously, these things are freaking enormous), it is nice of Blizzard to give players some tips on how to not lose a game. Still, to avoid those side effects like defeat and ridicule, it’s best to just plain not eat while you game. Just keep playing, and playing, and playing until you wither away into nothing. It’ll all be worth it when you become the Play of the Game.

Overwatch (and its normal sized characters) will hit the PC, PS4, and Xbox One this Tuesday the 24th. Not too long now!

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