North Carolina-Based LawBreakers Studio Proudly Adds Gender-Neutral Bathrooms to the Game


Cliffy B sends a clear message to NC’s governor.

The studio developing LawBreakers isn’t on board with North Carolina’s House Bill 2 legislation, which bars transgender individuals from bathrooms that don’t align with the gender on their birth certificate. Boss Key Productions, which is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and their CEO Cliff Bleszinski sent a clear message to legislators today, presenting gender neutral bathrooms to be featured in their game.

Bleszinski tweeted an image of the in-game bathrooms today, tagging North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory with the words, “It takes place in the future, unlike the past you envision.”

“Two of our [office] bathrooms are gender neutral now,” Bleszinski recently told EGMNow. “The biggest thing that people don’t seem to understand about human gender and sexuality is that it’s a spectrum. The older I get, the more empathy I have for people that aren’t like me.”

“The N.C. GOP’s just lost their brains,” he added, “and if those of us who can be defiant here and do what we can to usher in the new South, and that’s why I put my money where my mouth is and [why] the studio is here in the heart of downtown [Raleigh]. We’re gonna troll the crap out of Governor McCrory because he’s an idiot.”

LawBreakers is a gravity-defying shooter game set in the distant 2105, where forces of the Law and the troublesome Breakers duke it out in physics-defying battlezones. It’s currently in development for PC with no release date yet, as the team continues to focus in on their themes of maturity, verticality and competition.

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