Nintendo Started a Dat Boi vs Slippy War

By now, you’ve more than likely heard of the meme Dat Boi, and if you haven’t, where have you been? In any case, it’s spread like wildfire over the past year or two, and no one is safe from its spread. Not even Nintendo, who decided to get in on it with a classic “Fav if, RT if” contest on Twitter. And who better to do that with than everybody’s… favorite gaming frog Slippy from the Star Fox series?

And people, shall we say… kinda lost their minds. Some weren’t fans of the matchup.

Others were much more supportive.

And then others were… well, they decided to fuel the fire.


The important part about all of this? Dat Boi is winning by a mile, with over 10,000 (at time of writings) retweets. Congrats, Dat Boi… you monster.

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