Stop What You’re Doing and Look at Nathan Drake Booty Pop in Uncharted 4

Nathan Drake is a man of many talents. He can shoot down foes without ever endangering his character. He can somehow survive incredibly tall falls and hook his rope an unholy distance. And, finally, he can apparently twerk with the best of us.

Indeed, Nathan Drake has possibly booty popped all over the world in the most stylish of club scenes. He has twerked with the greats. He knows exactly how to get down and isn’t afraid to show it in the Taunts section of Uncharted 4’s online multiplayer. In what might be the greatest taunt in the game, he twerks it.

nathan drake uncharted 4 taunt twerk

Such finesse.

twerking nathan drake uncharted 4 taunt

Such valor.

twerk nathan drake uncharted 4

Not a single clubber in Miami can compare.

Here it is overlayed with appropriate music, if you’re still unconvinced that Nathan Drake is, in fact, the greatest twerker alive.

We bow to your superior booty pop, Nathan. It is on the dance floor where you truly show how legendary you are. This is what you’ll be remembered for most of all.

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