Monster Hunter Generations Is Crossing Over with Ghost ‘n Goblins

Ghost 'n Goblins

Don’t worry, the armour can take more than one hit.

Earlier today, Capcom announced that the next series that is crossing over with Monster Hunter Generations is Ghost ‘n Goblins. Players will be able to dress up their Felynes with Arthur’s Lance and Armour set.

The news was announced on Capcom Unity and included the awesome Monster Hunter Generations – Ghost ‘n Goblins trailer. The trailer itself is filled with Ghost ‘n Goblins references from the classic music to the picnic scene, and even the start of Ghost ‘n Goblins with the Red Devil being played by a Rathalos.

Along with Ghost ‘n Goblins, Monster Hunter Generations will also be crossing over with Fire Emblem. Players will get a Marth Costume for their hunters and an Okami costume too.

So what do you think of the new Ghost ‘n Goblins costume and what series would you like to see get a Monster Hunter Generation crossover too. Let us know in the comments below.

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