League of Legends: Taliyah’s Freljord Skin Looks Like She’s Abducting a Baby Reindeer

Taliyah the Stoneweaver is a new earthbending champion joining League of Legends, and like all new champions, she’ll have a purchasable skin available on release. Freljord Taliyah, AKA waterbender Taliyah, adds icy effects to her abilities and a ton of VO interactions. She’s also totally abducting a baby reindeer.

League of Legends Freljord Taliyah Splash Art

Never before has an animated mammal looked so unwilling. Take a long, last look at your reindeer family, little one. You have been claimed for Shurima.

Despite her baby snatching ways, Taliyah looks to be a useful control mage with impressive gank potential. You can read up on her abilities here, or a breakdown of her story in our TL;DR lore post here.

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