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Meet the Resistance in Homefront: The Revolution’s Story Trailer

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Meet the Resistance in Homefront: The Revolution’s Story Trailer

What will you do for freedom?

The KPA is a daunting occupying force, but there will always be men and women that are just crazy enough to fight for freedom. The latest trailer for Homefront: The Revolution introduces a few of the Philadelphia Resistance fighters you’ll have by your side, and even goes as far as to give you your mission.

Homefront: The Revolution tells the story of a Korean occupied United States where the streets of Philadelphia have become the main battleground. Benjamin Walker, the “Voice of Freedom” and leader of the Resistance, is the key to the whole revolution. Even though you’re just a new recruit, you soon get pulled into the desperate race to save him.

An open-world first-person shooter, Homefront: The Revolution promises a 30-hour campaign of taking back Philadelphia street by street. Due out May 17 in North America, the game will then release worldwide May 20.

What do you think of how Homefront: The Revolution is shaping up? Are you ready to fight to save the “Voice of Freedom” and drive back the KPA? Or did the “Just scream as loud as you want, okay?” give you second thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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