Hearthstone Tournament Was Graced With a Streaker Who Got Tackled Hardcore by an Audience Member

Maybe don’t do that.

Everyone knows that it’s not a true sports game until someone runs on the field and streaks. Whether they’re doing it on a dare or are just completely hammered, there’s something funny about watching them run through the field and get chased around by security. Finally, gaming got its first streaker thanks to Hearthstone.

As reported by eSports News UK, this past weekend at the game’s ESL UK Premiership final, a streaker ran on stage and grabbed the trophy. He did this during a match between George “BoarControl” Webb and and Mysterious, both of whom were playing in the semifinals. The streaker put the trophy on his head like a crown, where the lid fell on the floor. When he went to set the whole thing down, he got tackled by an audience member named Stephen Kent, rugby style. Kent was dressed as a Jedi during the event (not while he grabbed the streaker), and for his troubles, he was given a free pair of headphones.

“I was watching the tournament as a fan,” Kent said. “I used to be a doorman and I’m a brown belt in judo so it came naturally to me to help out…I just wanted to get him off as quickly as possible. After he got bundled off, my second priority was to get the trophy back on the plinth and hope that it wasn’t damaged! If I wasn’t two rows back, I would’ve been on the stage quicker and I would of been able to bundle him off myself!”

Sadly, the streaker wasn’t caught on the Hearthstone stream, so there’s no footage of this magnificent story. Still, a Jedi taking down a streaker? That sounds like the Jedi way.

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