Get Battlefield 4 and Hardline DLC For Free For a Limited Time Starting Today

Free DLC is the best kind of DLC

In honor of the next installment of Battlefield coming out later this year, The Battlefield 4 DLC Dragon’s Tooth and Battlefield Hardline: Robbery will be free from May 3 to May 10. The Dragon’s Tooth DLC consists of 4 Asian Pacific based maps and Battlefield Hardline: Robbery allows players to play as robbers constructing the perfect heist or play as law enforcement who is trying to stop them.

Premium players may find themselves angry over the DLCs being given away for free. This does not have to be bad news, since so many of the DLC servers were empty, this will be a great opportunity to enhance the player base and increase the traffic to the otherwise dead servers.

The DLCs are going to be free starting today, but some online stores have not reflected this change quite yet. Each store updates at their own pace, so be patient when waiting for your change to snatch up this great deal.

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