Game of Thrones: Breaking Down Bran’s Visions, Especially That Last One

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NOTE: Spoiler warnings for the entire Game of Thrones series and likely spoilers for future episodes.

Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones “Blood Of My Blood” was an interesting one. Sam and Gilly ditched House Tarly with their family’s sword (one made of Valyrian steel, AKA White Walker kryptonite), things took a turn for the strange at King’s Landing, and we saw the long-awaited return of a certain Stark brother/uncle. It’s exciting stuff, but easily the most fascinating parts of the episode were in the first few minutes.

As Meera helplessly drags Bran through snow, desperately evading the White Walkers closing in on them, we’re treated to Bran’s ensuing visions, and it’s here that we get an important look at details and reveals for the rest of the season, and possibly the rest of the series.

The visions were short, and it was hard to catch everything shown, but let’s break down the important bits piece by piece.

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