The Division’s “Conflict” Update Trailer Shows Off New Incursion, Gear, and Loot Hijacking

The Division’s next big update is on horizon with “Conflict” (version 1.2). This update adds a new incursion called “Clear Sky,” as well as new features and weapon sets.

The other big addition is the ability to “hijack” other agents’ extractions in the Dark Zone. Now, when someone someone is extracting their loot to a helicopter, their rope can be cut and their extraction halted. Check out the trailer below:

Last week, we reported on The Division’s staggering player base of over 9.5 million registered users, so Ubisoft has a lot of opportunity to maintain interest in their MMO-lite shooter. If you’re still on the fence about returning to the game, you can also check out our three reasons to not give up on it just yet.

What do you think about the Conflict update? Will it be enough to reel you back in?


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