Confirmed Modern Warfare Remastered Maps, and the Best That Need to Be Added

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Backlot Call of Duty Modern Warfare Maps

Backlot is another obvious choice and one of the most iconic maps in the game. The varied locations, including the construction site at one end and the tactically placed heavy machine guns, allowed for different approaches in all modes. It is also a map that suits all kinds of weapons as the small buildings and pathways allowed for the use of shotguns and SMGs but the open center of the map, with broken buildings on opposite sides, made the use of snipers a viable option. Back in 2007/2008, at the height of the game’s popularity, Backlot was one of the favorite maps in the game for taking advantage of some small bugs. With some precision you could get to the top of the big building at the centre of the map, you could jump into the tree on the right of the picture above, or you could get on the otherwise unreachable balcony at one corner of the map. These bugs created hours of fun for friends in private matches.

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