Celebrities That Totally Went to the Met Gala Dressed as Video Game Characters

Tonight marks the yearly Met Gala Red Carpet in New York, an event where celebrities show up looking their best and most expensive. While there are some who truly do look amazing, others unintentionally showed the world that they probably spend their time sitting on the couch and gaming. If you need a good idea of tonight’s overall theme, think, “Final Fantasy’s wardrobe department threw up over all of LA.”

Kanye West, showing up before he finished character customization in Saints Row.

Or Kate Hudson, who is definitely one of the legendary Sirens from Borderlands.

So that’s what Bioware’s been teasing! Watch out, Solas…

And then here’s these two, kicking it old school!

Met Gala brought to you by Square Enix!

She’d be a bomb ass spell caster.

This new Destiny armor is sparkly.

Finally, here’s Zayn Malik being… everyone with cybernetic arms.



Nice to see that Bayonetta 3 is coming along nicely, Platinum.

What were your favorite looks at the Met Gala? Let us know in the comments below.

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