One Piece: Burning Blood – How to Use Guard Breaks

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Guard Breaks will become your best friend in One Piece: Burning Blood.

Guard Breaks will become your best friend in One Piece: Burning Blood. Blocking is super important, and you better believe that the AI will use it at every chance to stop your offensive approaches. They’re quick to dodge in and out of reach, as well as hold their ground, so you’ll need a counter to keep on top.

That’s where Guard Breaks come in. There are two types: Normal and Heavy. The main difference between the two is that Heavy Guard Breaks cannot be guarded or dodged, making them perfect for breaking down tough defenses. Another important difference, though, is that neither attack is quick to pull off, and the Heavy version takes a bit longer. However, the Heavy Guard Break can reach much longer distances depending on the fighter you’re using (Franky can shoot across the whole arena).

The controls for Guard Breaks are very simple:

  • Normal Guard Break – Jump + Attack (X + Square/A+X)
  • Heavy Guard Break – Guard + Unique Attack ( Circle + Triangle/ B + Y)

When done properly, you should see a blue glow around your fighter before they carry out the attack. If you’re fast enough, you can just about always land a Heavy Guard Break right after a normal one.

Normal Guard Break requires a bit of proximity as it’s to break a guard and continue a combo. So keep that in mind.

Now you’re able to beat up anyone, even the most persistent of blockers.

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