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Black Desert Online’s Second Update Includes Rum Fetch Quest, New Areas, and More

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Black Desert Online’s Second Update Includes Rum Fetch Quest, New Areas, and More

Grab the rum, there are new lands to explore!

Daum Games has today released the new update for Black Desert Online which brings with it a ton of new areas, fixes, balancing and more.

Now available to download, the second update for Black Desert Online is also the second part of the Mediah expansion that we first saw last month.

With the new update, players will now have three new lands to explore- the Kuit Islands (Pirate Islands), Tungrad Forest, and Hasrah Dungeon. The Kuit Islands house some pretty sweet loot if players are skilled enough to defeat the dangerous pirates lurking there. The Tungrad Forest are also filled with dangerous enemies and are only recommended for the hardiest of Black Desert Online players. Finally, the Hasrah Dungeon is a dark and mysterious cavern filled with the broken remains of ancient golems. We’re gonna take a bet that it will house some pretty awesome loot, too!

The update also brings a new quest, Yo Hoho & A Bottle of Rum, which tasks you with seeking out bottles of rum that you can exchange for rewards. A Mother’s Day event is also due to run on that day.

Of course, the update also includes a bunch of tweaks and changes to the way the game plays in general. You can check out the full patch notes for the game here.

Have you gone exploring the new areas in Black Desert Online yet? Let us know in the comments below.


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