Arby’s Creates Fast Food Art to Celebrate Pokemon Sun & Moon Announcements

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Arby’s plays with their food again.

Nintendo revealed some details on Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun earlier today with a new trailer. Fans are already creating fan art of the new Pokemon and trainers, and the game’s tropical setting.

Arby’s got a little more creative when making their Moon and Sun tribute.

Like their mozzarella stick tribute to Street Fighter V, Arby’s created some gaming art by playing with food. A culinary artist at the restaurant has made the new Sun and Moon logos with nothing but condiments.

Arby’s took the opportunity later to make a perfect pun.

The Arby’s Twitter account is open to chat about Pokemon and pretty much any other game, and have some very talented food artists. Check out their works of art, and let us know in the comments which Pokemon title you’ve chosen.


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