This League of Legends Player Spent $500 Trying to Unlock Hextech Annie

How far will you go to unlock a rare skin?

YouTuber and popular League of Legends fan Redmercy uploaded a hilarious video of himself attempting to unlock Hextech Annie, an extremely rare skin available through Hextech Chests. Since you can only buy so many chests in one day, Redmercy spent two weeks and $500 until he got enough to begin his grand attempt.

League of Legends fans everywhere have been aching to get their hands on this skin. With only a 4% chance to get a rare gemstone and ten gemstones required to forge the skin, very few players actually have her.

Redmercy’s YouTube channel is full of League of Legends gameplay and commentary, and his dedication to the game is evident with his purchase of 324 chests in hopes that Hextech Annie will be in one of them. Did he succeed? You can watch his full video here:

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