Stardew Valley: How to Rotate Items and Furniture

stardew valley

Stardew Valley allows you to decorate your home and farm however you so choose. You’ll get a variety of furniture and items and machinery that can be placed wherever you want. Some of them can even be rotated, it’s true.

Keep in mind that not everything in Stardew Valley that you can place can be rotated. However, while you’re trying to figure out where to put something within your home, hit the right mouse button and you’ll rotate it. Keep clicking to see all the different angles it can be placed at. Again, not everything can be rotated, so if you’re right clicking and nothing is happening, you’ve got yourself something that can’t be rotated.

And, if you’re wondering, no, buildings can’t be rotated.

If you need any more help with Stardew Valley, check out our our wiki!

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