Stardew Valley: How to Have a Child

stardew valley

So you have your Stardew Valley family started off by marrying the bachelor/bachelorette you wanted. What’s next? It’s not going to be an eternity of nothingness for you and your significant other! It’s time to have some babies!

Once you’re married (check out our in-depth guide on that over here if you have no idea how to), you’ll need to have your house upgraded to its maximum capacity. Once you reach the stage that has a crib and extra room, you’ll know you’re in business. This is when your spouse will ask you if you think you two should have a baby.

If you answer yes, boom! It’s as easy as that. You’ll get yourself a baby that will grow up over time and cause sleepless nights for you and your spouse. Congratulations!

If you need more help with Stardew Valley, check out our wiki!

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