Stardew Valley: How to Hatch Eggs in an Incubator

stardew valley

In Stardew Valley, the first livestock you’ll be able to get once building a Coop are chickens. These lay eggs every day so long as they’re happy. But how come you can’t just raise your own chicks from the egg?

Well, you’ll need to upgrade your coop at least once (from Robin, the Carpenter) before you’ll get the incubator. This will be an extra part of your new coop that will allow you to put an egg in it. Within several days, a baby chick will hatch! Not only chicks, either. You’ll also be able to incubate duck eggs, and even dinosaur eggs!

It’s a great source of income to incubate an egg (especially duck eggs) and then selling the newborn hatchling. No attachment. No care for the name. They’re just coins to you.

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