Spotify Can Tell Your Game of Thrones Character Based on Your Music

Are you a Cersei or a Jon?

‘Tis the season to worry about the coming winter. Game of Thrones Season 6 premiered last night, and to celebrate the return of everyone’s weekly “who’s gonna die” anxiety, Spotify has a new feature that will match your taste in music to a Game of Thrones character.

If you log into your account here, Spotify will take a look at your listening history, and based on your genres, spit out the Game of Thrones character you sound most like. If you don’t have an account or just don’t feel like logging in, you can instead take a short quiz that asks you to pick out five artists.

Once you’re matched with a character, you can check out their custom playlist, or you can head over to the entire cast of playlists here.

Let us know which character you get matched with. Unless you get Joffrey. You can go ahead and keep that to yourself.

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