This Recent Twitter Exchange Is Probably The Closest We’ll Ever Get To A Sonic/Deus Ex Crossover

Though we live in a time of seemingly infinite video game possibilities, there are still a few ideas that have yet to see the light of day such as: a fully-3D Pokemon console RPG, a decent adaptation of the hit ’90s TV show Home Improvement and, of course, a Sonic/Deus Ex crossover game.

While there is no guarantee those first two will ever happen, a recent Twitter exchange has brought us closer to that last one than many would have ever thought possible.

It all started when the Sonic Twitter account decided to post a fun little chart yesterday to help fans discover what their Sonic name would be:

Now besides inspiring me to make “Maxresdefault(2).jpg the .jpg” my new DJ name, this chart also happened to catch the attention of the Deus Ex Twitter team. Upon realizing that Deus Ex Human Revolution’s Adam Jensen’s Sonic name would be Sonic The Echidna, they posted a glorious artistic rendition of what such a character might look like:

Now while we at Twinfinite would never suggest that a humorous social media exchange could ever serve as evidence that a Sonic/Deus Ex hybrid is coming to all major consoles and PC in time for the 2016 holiday season, it would also be irresponsible of us to deny that it is a very real possibility that we should all start getting inappropriately hyped for.

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This post was originally written by Matthew Byrd.

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