The Biggest 2016 Gaming Rumors So Far

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PS4K: Back for Revenge Part Deux

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Some people might call it PlayStation 4.5. Some might call it the Playstation 4k. Do you know what these people can’t tell you? If this rumor is true. The rumor started with an article by Kotaku and was then reported by Eurogamer after their own research. It should be noted that in both articles there are different details about what type of media the rumored hardware can actually play.

Sony does have a history of re-releasing their consoles, but if this rumor is true then this would be the first time a drastic change to the software is made. The PlayStation 4 has been out since 2013 in almost everywhere except for Japan which saw the release in 2014. This would mean that the updated version of the console would release about three or fours years after the original PS4. It should be stated that while Sony does have a history of re-releasing whatever console they have out at the moment, that still doesn’t make this rumor true.

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