Rocket League: Collector’s Edition Gets a Summer Release Date and New Cars

Rocket League

Hopefully it comes with toy cars too.

Psyonix Studios confirmed months ago that their car sports game Rocket League will get a physical release in February. Now, the game’s publisher 505 Games has revealed a release date and details on what’s in the box.

In a press release, 505 Games confirmed that Rocket League: Collector’s Edition will have separate release dates depending on the region. Europe, Africa, and the Middle East will be able to purchase the game on June 24. The collector’s edition launches in America on July 5.

This release of Rocket League will include all of the game’s current downloadable content, like the Mad Max-esque Chaos Run and the recent Batmobile DLC. There will also be 4 new vehicles included in this collection. There’s no confirmation if these will be exclusive to the physical edition or if players who already own the game can buy these cars.

GameStop has already listed Rocket League: Collector’s Edition for pre-order at the price of $29.99. This is a lower cost than buying the digital game and all of the DLC.

What new types of vehicles do you want to see in Rocket League? Let us know in the comments.


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