Rocket League Upcoming Basketball Mode Gets Release Date and Trailer

Rocket League Basketball Dunk Mode

Get ready to dunk with Rocket League Hoops mode coming Apr. 26

The much anticipated Rocket League basketball mode titled “Hoops” is coming to players everywhere next week. Instead of goals at the end of the arena, basketball nets will hover at each end of the courts. This new mode come with an all new arena titled “Dunk House” that allows players to use the new nets as ramps to do Rocket League style dunks.

Along with the new game mode, a NBA Flag DLC will be available to purchase for $1.99 USD. This DLC will give players the opportunity to represent their favorite NBA team with access to 30 official team flags. If you do not purchase the add-on, the new mode comes with one free NBA flag for the player to equip.

Hoops will be free to all players as a part of the newest game update coming Apr. 26.

You can view the official trailer here:

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