Ratchet and Clank Got a Fan-Made Monopoly Board and Insomniac Approves

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There are way more games that have board games than you’d expect, like Halo or Uncharted. Now joining those ranks is Insomniac Games’ sci-fi action series Ratchet and Clank, made by one very passionate fan in Leicester.

The Burbank based developer tweeted out a picture of a Monopoly board, which includes several planets from the series’ near 15-year run, the classic Nanotech healing system, and the duo’s trusty ship Aphelion. Then, they tweeted to Monopoly owners Hasbro, wondering if that could be a legit thing.

While Hasbro hasn’t replied to the tweet yet (at least, at time of writing), there’s a few people who would be game for a Ratchet and Clank Monopoly.

It sounds crazy to think that it could actually happen, but considering that other games have board games of their own, anything is possible. If a Ratchet and Clank Monopoly board game was a real thing, would you play it? Let us know in the comments below.

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