Petition to Bring Back Nostalrius WoW Server Hits Over 240,000 Signatures

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So much support.

Two weeks ago the World of Warcraft community bid a tearful farewell to their beloved Legacy server, Nostalrius.

However, today popular Live streamer Sodapoppin and Former World of Warcraft Blizzard team leader Mark Kern have decided to take action and start a petition to bring Nostalrius back.

The Petition was created to indicate the need for the server within the game and to demonstrate to Blizzard that the players on this server are not a minority. The petition has already received support from over 240,000 players in under 24 hours. Among those supporters are World of Warcraft Celebrities such as WowKungen, The_Lazy_Peon, LinusTechTips, JonTron, and Boogie2988.

This petition shows that the World of Warcraft community is passionate about ensuring the freedom of their own entertainment and that both the Alliance and Horde players will unite if the opportunity is taken away from them.

What do you guys think? Do you think Blizzard has made a mistake by taking Nostalrius down? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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This post was originally written by Laura Sinclair.

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