No Man’s Sky Gameplay Explored Further in New Video From PlayStation

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Make Captain Planet cry with the Land Disruptor.

While No Man’s Sky hasn’t been in the media enough to give players a huge taste of all that it’s about, the latest video from PlayStation’s YouTube channel shows off a lot of the gameplay. We’re able to take a look at the on-foot combat, weapon modding, and resource scavenging aspects of No Man’s Sky. A particularly interesting aspect of the video is when the weapon is modded with “Land Disruptor” and the player is able to shoot holes all over the planet as they please. The full video is 14 minutes long and can be viewed below. Check it out to catch more glimpses into the game, like the relationships you can forge with different races and some good ol’ fashioned space travel.

No Man’s Sky is releasing for the PS4 and PC on June 21 and is being developed by Hello Games. It has risen into popularity thanks to the promises of a massive galaxy that players can explore.

What did you think of the new video? Are you hyped yet? Leave a comment down below letting us know your thoughts!

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